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    If you need paving and asphalt services, you’ll find no better option that APSS. We have more than four decades of experience with paving and asphalt. We can provide repair services, cracksealing, sealcoating, and so much more. We always go the extra mile and strive to ensure that our customers are always satisfied.

    We can help to prevent future problems or take on capital projects. No matter what you need, you can depend on our dedication and expertise.

    When we repair parking lots or seal cracks, we’re making the community a better place to live in. We offer branch service, preventative maintenance, and structural solutions. We’re happy to offer our experience and expertise to clients.

    Our Asphalt Services:

    The team at APSS is very familiar with asphalt and concrete, which is why we’ve managed to become a trusted local authority. We can assist companies with projects of any size. We can support portfolio management, provide basic maintenance, and even take on structural projects.

    We have a history providing numerous concrete and asphalt services to clients such as:

    Cracksealing: A process that keeps cracks from spreading, extending the pavement’s lifespan. It also keeps debris and water from piling up within cracks.

    Sealcoating: Finishing off asphalt with a protective black finish that can reduce the damage caused by UV rays.

    Marking Pavement: This is a process in which the stripes in a parking lot are restored. Not only does this improve the appearance of the lot, but it can help to ensure ADA compliance.

    Infrared Light Repair: This process involves using infrared light to heat the pavement. This means our team won’t need to replace large sections of pavement. Instead, we can focus on a smaller area. This is an excellent solution for depressions, critical repairs, trip hazards, rough surfaces, and potholes.

    Summers tend to be hot and humid, which can take a toll on asphalt. Pavement is more likely to crack, develop stress factures, soften, or fade. Furthermore, earthquakes are a frequent occurrence in Los Angeles, which can cause even more damage to the pavement.

    We can improve your pavement’s durability and ensure that it stays in like-new conditions. We provide numerous services to prevent damage and repair pavement, such as:

    Preventative Maintenance

    • Repairing and Patching Asphalt
    • Lot Marking
    • Concrete Solutions

    Structural Solutions

    • Resurfacing
    • Reconstruction

    APSS Is Dedicated To Our Customers

    We have a lot of experience with pavement at APSS, but we’re also dedicated to our clients.

    Testimonials for the Los Angeles APSS Team:

    “APSS is committed to providing our clients with the best possible service. We believe in the work that we do and strive to offer the best possible experience to our customers.”

    “We were impressed with the work that APSS did, and we were also pleased with their consistent communication and strong customer service. We’ll be recommending this company in the future!”

    “Working with the team at APSS has always been very positive experience. When we need we support, we can always depend on them. They respond quickly and provide top-notch support. Whenever we’ve asked them to take on a project, they’ve completed it quickly and without any issues. Our tenants are happy with the work that they do, and I’m even happier.”

    “Working with the team at APSS has been excellent. They worked on my property’s parking lots, and I could not be more impressed with their work. They do the job in a timely manner, and nothing goes over look. From the very first time I called APSS, they’ve gone far beyond my expectations. I’d recommend them to anyone looking for asphalt and paving services.”

    Let Us Earn Your Busienss

    Whether you’re interested in repairs, preventative maintenance, or larger corporate projects, you can count on us to provide top-of-the-line solutions that are customized to the needs of our clients.

    We’re prepared to take on asphalt and paving projects in your region. As our client, you can expect a smooth experience. Want to see the difference that APSS can make? Just reach out to our staff. Give us a call, and we’d be happy to assist you.

    When you reach out to Asphalt Paving & Sealcoating Solutions, we can give you a quote or provide more information about your project.

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